Saturday, 13 February 2016

Anders Breivik

When someone blows up a city centre with a homemade fertiliser bomb and then dresses up as a policeman, grabs a machine gun and murders 70+ kids on a picturesque island, one doesn't need validation of that person's insanity.

Anders Breivik was born on 13 February 1979 in London according to Wikipedia. Because the time is unknown, I'm using the time as noon. Without the angles nor exact position of the Moon, the information available is limited but not to the point where the astrology can't be seen.

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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Behind the Mask

Generally when we think of someone being in the movies, we think of them as being unusually attractive and popular. The use of makeup, both to enhance natural features as well as disguise or even hide unattractive attributes is often used to increase audience appeal.

But occasionally makeup is used for different purposes as in the case of Eric Stolz who was completely unrecognisable beneath the heavy prosthetics required to turn him from an average teenage boy into the the tragically deformed Rocky Dennis, the central figure in the award-winning film Mask.

Roy "Rocky" Dennis was born on 4 December 1961 at 10:03 in Glendor California (Rodden Rating: AA; Collector: Rodden) with Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in Capricorn, in loose conjunction and straddling the ascendant. The condition of the ascendant can sometimes describe a person's physical appearance and in Rocky's case, craniodiaphyseal dysplasia seems to fit the astrological significators of abnormal calcium (Saturn) build up (Jupiter) causing disfigurement to the facial features.

Eric Stolz was born on 30 September 1961 (no time) in Whittier California with Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction in Capricorn. Because they were born within months of each other, there is not much difference in the positions of the planets from Jupiter outward in the charts of Eric and Rocky. But the inner planets tell a very interesting tale. With both Mercury and Mars on Rocky's Moon in Scorpio, as well as his Venus conjunct Rocky's Pluto, Eric was able to convey the character's early sexual awakenings to great effect. The scene where Rocky falls out with his mother because she hired a prostitute for him is a good example of this tension.

The majority of the real life Rocky's planets were in the southern hemisphere of his chart, concentrated in the 4th quadrant. Here is a sociable child with a need to connect with the outside world. But his abnormal facial features meant he was ostracised by people outside his close circle of family and friends--until they learned to see beyond his disfigurements.

The film Mask focused on Rocky's adolescence, making his story an intriguing one from my point of view. The real life Rocky had a series of three Jupiter returns (March, August and November 1973), the time of this expansion and growth ending just before his 12th birthday. He would have had a series of Saturn oppositions (August 1975, February 1976 and March 1976) that would have started just before and ended during his Freshman year of high school when the film was set.

Three Jupiter returns in adolescence is a lot to handle as it would have meant Rocky's growth and development phase would have been extended owing to the forward and retrograde motion of the planet. As I wrote in "Growing Pains" pupils who are facing the transition to a bigger school are usually "determined to follow every rule. Their uniforms are neatly prepared, their books are fresh and their pencils sharpened. Not the Jupiter in Aquarius pupils. They arrive to their new school determined to break every rule, re-vamp the national curriculum and over turn every tradition. They want revolution." With each Jupiter return, Rocky would have needed to step over the boundaries set for him. And according to the movie, he did so with the aid of his very unconventional mother, Rusty.

It is Rusty's determination to ensure her child received a "normal" education that reflects Rocky's Saturn oppositions in transiting Cancer. The actress who portrayed Rusty, Cher, had Saturn in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn (almost the same degrees as Rocky's Saturn opposition) and thus she was very nicely able to understand Rocky's dilemmas: she was a troubled mother with addictions but fought for her son's rights to be treated the same as any other child. The real life Rusty had her Venus on Cher's Sun--Cher did a marvellous job portraying a mother's love for her son.

Mask was met with great reviews and high praise for Cher and Eric Stoltz with both receiving nominations for Golden Globes awards.

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Alex Trenoweth is an MA graduate of the Cultural Astronomy and Astrology course at Bath Spa University (2007) and has gained recognition as an outstanding schoolteacher for her tireless and innovative education of adolescents. Her unique expertise in both astrology and teaching, coupled with ground-breaking research, led her to her write Growing Pains, a book aimed at helping parents and teachers support and guide young people into maturity. Alex’s articles have appeared in astrological magazines across the globe and in addition to her many writing accomplishments, she was voted “Best International Astrologer, 2015” by the Krishnamuti Institute of Astrology in India for the energetic presentation of her original and thought-provoking investigation into astrology and education. As of October 2015, Alex is on a world tour, lecturing on a variety of astrological topics and is enjoying meeting other astrologers from different cultures. "Mirror Mirror" is a work in progress and will be published in 2016. All rights reserved.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Astrology and Education Workshop

Hello Australian educators. I am coming to Melbourne to give a workshop on Astrology and Education. Hope you can look up from your marking to learn some secret tactics to make your job a whole lot easier--and you a whole lot happier!! You see, in addition to being a globetrotting astrologer, I have extensive experience in the classroom in the UK (I'm on a two term sabbatical) including management responsibilities. So I know what a brutal profession teaching can be. And I'm passionate about being an effective teacher. To book your place, click here