Saturday, 6 June 2015

The anniversary of the Normandy Landings (D day)

Today we remember the turning point of World War Two but did you know it is also the Jupiter return for this event this year?

The D day landings have Jupiter in Leo ("look at me! look at me!") ruled by the Sun in Gemini ("can we talk about this?"). There is so much to learn from this event if we have the courage and confidence to face up to the truth.

Jupiter returns mark new beginnings in our learning process that often include travel, signing up for courses or exploring new belief systems. On this day we remember the brave men and women who fought against tyranny but could this year signal the time when we finally face up to our responsibilities? Could it be we owe someone an apology for the atrocities we have also committed?

On top of celebrating our victories, maybe it's time we admitted we need to set aside our differences and reunite to save our beautiful planet.

Jupiter returns give us much to reflect on. What do you need to learn and how should you go about finding the answers? If you need help, contact me at or buy my book "Growing Pains".

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