Tuesday, 9 June 2015

And now a teacher claims astrology should be used in the classroom

As if having a Tory MP sympathetic to using astrology to help the ailing NHS wasn't weird enough, a London-based secondary school teacher has claimed that astrology has helped her gain not only outstanding exam results but has aided her with understanding her pupils.

Alex Trenoweth, whose book "Growing Pains" claims to be set to 'revolutionise the educational system', says that consulting the stars can make adolescence a more bearable time of life.

"I don't have the time to do an individual chart for every single pupil," says the busy educator. "But I can set up my mark book so it is as informative as possible at a simple glance."

She does this, she says, by entering pupil names in birth order instead of alphabetical order. Not only does this group the students by star sign but, more crucially, by Jupiter sign. Even better, says Trenoweth with a gleam in her eye, no one is going to know what she's up to.

"Jupiter takes about one year to orbit the earth from our point of view. So that means every classroom will have pupils with the same Jupiter sign. In astrology, Jupiter rules the confidence it takes to make that leap of faith to understand more complex issues. So if a teacher understands this, they can tailor their lessons to suit the needs of every classroom of pupils."

Trenoweth also indicates astrology can help parents, teachers and carers understand difficult behaviour that presents during adolescence such as eating disorders, addictions, self harm, gang mentality and violence. She adds that the crucial brain development during the teenage years corresponds with astrological expectations.

"Imagine if teachers and parents could use this information to concentrate on the when and how to help the adolescents in their care rather than just making general guesses. What if the curriculum could be based on a year group's strengths and interventions strategically placed to combat the weaknesses? Educators really need to get over this one size fits all mentality."

Trenoweth claims astrology has made her not only a better teacher but a happier one. One bonus is that she is never short of teaching ideas for her classes.

"Astrology works thematically so if you can master the basics, anyone can use the system with a little practice."

So how about this incoming year 7, the group of children who will be transitioning into secondary school the autumn 2015? (Update: For children entering secondary school in autumn 2016, please see this link)

"They will have Jupiter in Virgo," says Trenoweth, adding that last year's cohort was predominantly Jupiter in Leo. "They can be a teacher's dream class IF the teacher is organised and makes the quest for precision, organisation and critical analysis a priority. This class will be interested in health care and will also be willing to contribute to charitable causes. But like any other group of pupils, this year group will need strong, confident and experienced teachers. And the government needs to do more to ensure older teachers stay in the profession rather than hound them into premature retirement in favour of newly qualified teachers with far less experience." A lack of astrological awareness can lead to serious problems, according to Trenoweth.

Trenoweth, an internationally renowned astrologer, was be featured in the September issue of The Astrological Journal and explained her educational theories in more detail. The article was republished by Astrodienst and can be found here. The magazine also spotlighted Tory MP David Tredinnick, who is sympathetic to using astrology to aid the troubled NHS. Trenoweth's next book will be exclusively for teachers and will simply be titled Astrology for Teachers.

Alex also runs full day workshops. For enquiries contact her at alex.trenoweth@gmail, for further information, go here. Astrological consultations are available via Skype: AstroAlex1984


  1. At last a real world application . . . . now please document the results, perform some statistical analyses AND PUBLISH ~!! :)

    1. Interesting you are Anonymous and even more interesting that you think 'at last a real world application'. I wonder if you are aware of what astrologers actually do and how many millions of people they assist every year with some many different areas of life.

  2. Good timing.

    "Astrology works thematically so if you can master the basics, anyone can use the system with a little practice."

    I dream of the day elementary school students are taught the basics. Congratulations. and best wishes.